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50,000 sensor nodes worn by Singaporean school children. 50 million lines of data. Research uniting urban planning, behavioural analytics, IoT technology, and big data.

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National Science Experiment (NSE)

In this nationwide project, young Singaporean students carry the handy SENSg device with sensors that measure temperature, humidity, light intensity, ambient noise, and air pressure. That information is then wirelessly transferred to our cloud infrastructure. In our research, we aggregate and analyze the data to provide insights into topics such as the mobility of Singapore's youths, and their travel pattern. Since its start in 2015, over 92,000 students have used the SENSg devices to collect data, and overall 50 million individual measurements have been collected. The NSE project is supported by the National Research Foundation of Singapore.

Our fleet of SENSg nodes collects large amount of data on a national scale. For example, the visualization above shows the density of more than 1.8 million wireless access points we were able to measure in Singapore.


Selected academic research results from the NSE.


The current NSE team at SUTD consists of:

Bige Tuncer

Assoc. prof ASD, SUTD

Bige is the PI of the NSE project. Her main research interests are Design Knowledge and Learning, Building Information Modeling .

Nils Ole Tippenhauer

Assist. prof ISTD, SUTD

Nils is supporting the NSE since its inception as co-PI, in particular in communication and cloud aspects.

Georgios Piliouras

Asst. prof ESD, SUTD

Georgios is co-PI of the NSE project. His main research interests are algorithmic game theory, computational learning theory, multi-agent learning and dynamical systems.

Erik Wilhelm

Adj. prof EPD, SUTD

Erik developed and kick-started the NSE together with our institutional partners, and was PI until August 2016. Erik's research interest include design, construction, and optimization of advanced vehicle powertrains, the socio-economic impacts of automobiles, and networked intelligent transportation systems.

Francisco Benita


Francisco is performing (big) data analysis and modeling of the NSE project.

Darshan Virupaksha

Research assistant, SUTD

Darshan is overseeing the embedded systems aspects of the NSE project.

Garvit Bansal

Research assistant, SUTD

Garvit is supporting the technical backend of the NSE project.

Francesco Scandola

Research assistant, SUTD

Francesco is supporting the cloud infrastructure and web application of the NSE project.

Sarah Nadiawati Binte Mohamed Alim

Project Manager, SUTD

Sarah is supporting the NSE in administrative matters.

Open Positions at SUTD team of NSE

Interested in joining our team? Send us a mail with your CV, and the position you are interested in. All positions are available immediately. Only short-listed candidates will be notified.

Research Assistant (Web, MEAN stack )

Design and implementation of user interactions and functionalities for our NSE app (based on MEAN stack).

Research Assistant (Data analytics, Python)

Design and implementation of novel data analytics solutions for our analysis backend (Matlab, Python).

Technical and logistics support

Practical technical support for our project partners, and for participating schools.